type access

This utility submits a batch job that extracts files from a compressed archive. The latter should be selected using the Archive file parameter. The contents of the archive are available in the extracted_files folder.

Supported archive files

Archive Format

File Extension

7-Zip Compressed File

.7z , .tar.7z

BZip Compressed File

.bz , .tar.bz , .tbz

Bzip2 Compressed File

.bz2 , .tar.bz2 , .tbz2

Debian Software Package


Apple Disk Image


GNU Zipped File

.gz , .tar.gz , .tgz

HFS Disk Image File


ISO Disk Image File


LZMA Compressed File

.lzma , .tar.lzma , .tlz

NTFS Partition File


WinRAR Compressed File


Red Hat Package Manager File


GNU Tarball File


Universal Disk Format File


Virtual Hard Disk File


Windows Imaging Format File


XZ Compressed File

.xz , .tar.xz , .txz

Unix Compressed File


Zipped File