We provide troubleshooting guidance for all our supported apps, as well as help you diagnose and resolve general issues you might encounter while using UCloud services.

You can ask for assistance in three ways:

  • by submitting a request via the UCloud support form, by clicking on the icon ;

  • by sending a message to our customer service email address (;

  • by logging in to our service desk and selecting one of the suggested topics.

For each request a ticket is automatically created and passed to our support team.

In order to get the right level of technical support, we recommend to follow these good practice guidelines:

  1. Create a ticket for each issue. This ensures that the problem can be easily tracked and avoids repetitions.

  2. Add a descriptive subject line. This will help identify the issue and point towards similar cases reported by other users.

  3. Specify the environment. Describe the system environment such as which app, packages, and build environment were used. Details such as compilers and script commands are also important. In this way it is easier to replicate the environment and reproduce the issue.

  4. Describe the original problem and intent. Describe the problem in detail saying what actually worked so far and what was attempted to solve the issue.

  5. Create an example to reproduce the issue. Create an example that demonstrates the problem. Examples should be easy to set up and run. Make sure to provide the support team with all files needed to run a specific example.

A list of answers to frequently asked questions is reported in the next section.