API: Stable

Providers, the backbone of UCloud, expose compute and storage resources to end-users.

data class Provider(
    val id: String,
    val specification: ProviderSpecification,
    val refreshToken: String,
    val publicKey: String,
    val createdAt: Long,
    val status: ProviderStatus,
    val updates: List<ProviderUpdate>,
    val owner: ResourceOwner,
    val permissions: ResourcePermissions?,
    val providerGeneratedId: String?,

You can read more about providers here.

id: String A unique identifier referencing the `Resource`

The ID is unique across a provider for a single resource type.

specification: ProviderSpecification
refreshToken: String
publicKey: String
createdAt: Long Timestamp referencing when the request for creation was received by UCloud
status: ProviderStatus Holds the current status of the `Resource`
updates: List<ProviderUpdate> Contains a list of updates from the provider as well as UCloud

Updates provide a way for both UCloud, and the provider to communicate to the user what is happening with their resource.

owner: ResourceOwner Contains information about the original creator of the `Resource` along with project association
permissions: ResourcePermissions? Permissions assigned to this resource

A null value indicates that permissions are not supported by this resource type.

providerGeneratedId: String?

API: Internal/Beta