API: Internal/Beta

An ApplicationParameter describe a single input parameter to an Application.

data class TextArea(
    val name: String?,
    val optional: Boolean?,
    val defaultValue: Any?,
    val title: String?,
    val description: String?,
    val type: String /* "textarea" */,

All ApplicationParameters contain metadata used for the presentation in the frontend. This metadata includes a title and help-text. This allows UCloud to create a rich user-interface with widgets which are easy to use.

When the user requests the creation of a Job, they supply a lot of information. This includes a reference to the Application and a set of AppParameterValues. The user must supply a value for every mandatory ApplicationParameter. Every parameter has a type associated with it. This type controls the set of valid AppParameterValues it can take.

name: String?
optional: Boolean?
defaultValue: Any?
title: String?
description: String?
type: String /* "textarea" */ The type discriminator

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