API: Internal/Beta

An input parameter which accepts any floating point value

data class FloatingPoint(
    val name: String?,
    val optional: Boolean?,
    val defaultValue: Any?,
    val title: String?,
    val description: String?,
    val min: Double?,
    val max: Double?,
    val step: Double?,
    val unitName: String?,
    val type: String /* "floating_point" */,

Compatible with: AppParameterValue.FloatingPoint

This parameter can be tweaked using the various options. For example, it is possible to provide a minimum and maximum value.

name: String?
optional: Boolean?
defaultValue: Any?
title: String?
description: String?
min: Double?
max: Double?
step: Double?
unitName: String?
type: String /* "floating_point" */ The type discriminator

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