API: Internal/Stable

Describes the current state of the Resource

data class Status(
    val shareAvailableAt: String?,
    val state: Share.State,
    val resolvedSupport: ResolvedSupport<Product.Storage, ShareSupport>?,
    val resolvedProduct: Product.Storage?,

The contents of this field depends almost entirely on the specific Resource that this field is managing. Typically, this will contain information such as:

  • A state value. For example, a compute Job might be RUNNING

  • Key metrics about the resource.

  • Related resources. For example, certain Resources are bound to another Resource in a mutually exclusive way, this should be listed in the status section.

shareAvailableAt: String?
state: Share.State
resolvedSupport: ResolvedSupport<Product.Storage, ShareSupport>?
resolvedProduct: Product.Storage? The resolved product referenced by `product`.

This attribute is not included by default unless includeProduct is specified.