API: Stable

Describes an update to the Resource

data class JobUpdate(
    val state: JobState?,
    val outputFolder: String?,
    val status: String?,
    val expectedState: JobState?,
    val expectedDifferentState: Boolean?,
    val newTimeAllocation: Long?,
    val allowRestart: Boolean?,
    val newMounts: List<String>?,
    val timestamp: Long?,

Updates can optionally be fetched for a Resource. The updates describe how the Resource changes state over time. The current state of a Resource can typically be read from its status field. Thus, it is typically not needed to use the full update history if you only wish to know the current state of a Resource.

An update will typically contain information similar to the status field, for example:

  • A state value. For example, a compute Job might be RUNNING.

  • Change in key metrics.

  • Bindings to related Resources.

state: JobState?
outputFolder: String?
status: String? A generic text message describing the current status of the `Resource`
expectedState: JobState?
expectedDifferentState: Boolean?
newTimeAllocation: Long?
allowRestart: Boolean?
newMounts: List<String>?
timestamp: Long? A timestamp referencing when UCloud received this update