API: Stable

data class UFileIncludeFlags(
    val includeOthers: Boolean?,
    val includeUpdates: Boolean?,
    val includeSupport: Boolean?,
    val includeProduct: Boolean?,
    val includePermissions: Boolean?,
    val includeTimestamps: Boolean?,
    val includeSizes: Boolean?,
    val includeUnixInfo: Boolean?,
    val includeMetadata: Boolean?,
    val filterCreatedBy: String?,
    val filterCreatedAfter: Long?,
    val filterCreatedBefore: Long?,
    val filterProvider: String?,
    val filterProductId: String?,
    val filterProductCategory: String?,
    val filterProviderIds: String?,
    val filterByFileExtension: String?,
    val path: String?,
    val allowUnsupportedInclude: Boolean?,
    val filterHiddenFiles: Boolean?,
    val filterIds: String?,
    val hideProductId: String?,
    val hideProductCategory: String?,
    val hideProvider: String?,
includeOthers: Boolean?
includeUpdates: Boolean?
includeSupport: Boolean?
includeProduct: Boolean? Includes `specification.resolvedProduct`
includePermissions: Boolean?
includeTimestamps: Boolean?
includeSizes: Boolean?
includeUnixInfo: Boolean?
includeMetadata: Boolean?
filterCreatedBy: String?
filterCreatedAfter: Long?
filterCreatedBefore: Long?
filterProvider: String?
filterProductId: String?
filterProductCategory: String?
filterProviderIds: String? Filters by the provider ID. The value is comma-separated.
filterByFileExtension: String?
path: String? Path filter
allowUnsupportedInclude: Boolean? Determines if the request should succeed if the underlying system does not support this data.

This value is true by default

filterHiddenFiles: Boolean? Determines if dot files should be hidden from the result-set
filterIds: String? Filters by the resource ID. The value is comma-separated.
hideProductId: String?
hideProductCategory: String?
hideProvider: String?