API: Stable

The base type for requesting paginated content.

data class FilesProviderSearchRequest(
    val query: String,
    val owner: ResourceOwner,
    val flags: UFileIncludeFlags,
    val category: ProductCategoryId?,
    val itemsPerPage: Int?,
    val next: String?,
    val consistency: PaginationRequestV2Consistency?,
    val itemsToSkip: Long?,

Paginated content can be requested with one of the following consistency guarantees, this greatly changes the semantics of the call:

Consistency Description
PREFER Consistency is preferred but not required. An inconsistent snapshot might be returned.
REQUIRE Consistency is required. A request will fail if consistency is no longer guaranteed.

The consistency refers to if collecting all the results via the pagination API are consistent. We consider the results to be consistent if it contains a complete view at some point in time. In practice this means that the results must contain all the items, in the correct order and without duplicates.

If you use the PREFER consistency then you may receive in-complete results that might appear out-of-order and can contain duplicate items. UCloud will still attempt to serve a snapshot which appears mostly consistent. This is helpful for user-interfaces which do not strictly depend on consistency but would still prefer something which is mostly consistent.

The results might become inconsistent if the client either takes too long, or a service instance goes down while fetching the results. UCloud attempts to keep each next token alive for at least one minute before invalidating it. This does not mean that a client must collect all results within a minute but rather that they must fetch the next page within a minute of the last page. If this is not feasible and consistency is not required then PREFER should be used.

📝 NOTE: Services are allowed to ignore extra criteria of the request if the next token is supplied. This is needed in order to provide a consistent view of the results. Clients should provide the same criterion as they paginate through the results.

query: String
owner: ResourceOwner
flags: UFileIncludeFlags
category: ProductCategoryId?
itemsPerPage: Int? Requested number of items per page. Supported values: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250.
next: String? A token requesting the next page of items
consistency: PaginationRequestV2Consistency? Controls the consistency guarantees provided by the backend
itemsToSkip: Long? Items to skip ahead