API: Experimental/Alpha

A FileMetadataTemplate allows users to attach user-defined metadata to any UFile

data class FileMetadataTemplate(
    val namespaceId: String,
    val title: String,
    val version: String,
    val schema: JsonObject,
    val inheritable: Boolean,
    val requireApproval: Boolean,
    val description: String,
    val changeLog: String,
    val namespaceType: FileMetadataTemplateNamespaceType,
    val uiSchema: JsonObject?,
    val namespaceName: String?,
    val createdAt: Long?,
namespaceId: String The ID of the namespace that this template belongs to
title: String The title of this template. It does not have to be unique.
version: String Version identifier for this version. It must be unique within a single template group.
schema: JsonObject JSON-Schema for this document
inheritable: Boolean Makes this template inheritable by descendants of the file that the template is attached to
requireApproval: Boolean If `true` then a user with `ADMINISTRATOR` rights must approve all changes to metadata
description: String Description of this template. Markdown is supported.
changeLog: String A description of the change since last version. Markdown is supported.
namespaceType: FileMetadataTemplateNamespaceType
uiSchema: JsonObject?
namespaceName: String?
createdAt: Long?