API: Stable

General system-level stats about a file

data class UFileStatus(
    val type: FileType?,
    val icon: FileIconHint?,
    val sizeInBytes: Long?,
    val sizeIncludingChildrenInBytes: Long?,
    val modifiedAt: Long?,
    val accessedAt: Long?,
    val unixMode: Int?,
    val unixOwner: Int?,
    val unixGroup: Int?,
    val metadata: FileMetadataHistory?,
    val resolvedSupport: ResolvedSupport<Product.Storage, FSSupport>?,
    val resolvedProduct: Product.Storage?,
type: FileType? Which type of file this is, see `FileType` for more information.
icon: FileIconHint? A hint to clients about which icon to display next to this file. See `FileIconHint` for details.
sizeInBytes: Long? The size of this file in bytes (Requires `includeSizes`)
sizeIncludingChildrenInBytes: Long? The size of this file and any child (Requires `includeSizes`)
modifiedAt: Long? The modified at timestamp (Requires `includeTimestamps`)
accessedAt: Long? The accessed at timestamp (Requires `includeTimestamps`)
unixMode: Int? The unix mode of a file (Requires `includeUnixInfo`
unixOwner: Int? The unix owner of a file as a UID (Requires `includeUnixInfo`)
unixGroup: Int? The unix group of a file as a GID (Requires `includeUnixInfo`)
metadata: FileMetadataHistory? User-defined metadata for this file. See `FileMetadataTemplate` for details.
resolvedSupport: ResolvedSupport<Product.Storage, FSSupport>?
resolvedProduct: Product.Storage? The resolved product referenced by `product`.

This attribute is not included by default unless includeProduct is specified.