The application form is divided in multiple panels, each one associated with a specific product. The products are in turn grouped according to the resource category (storage, compute, software licenses, and public IPs).

Within each panel it is possible to request credit for the corresponding product.

Information including remaining resources and allocation time can be found in the Resources and Usage page.


The updated cost of each product is reported here.


The UCloud storage service includes one product:

  • Ceph File System: u1-cephfs.

The overall amount of resources for this product must be specified in the dialog box below.

The user must fill in the *storage quota* (in GB).

Data can be stored for a period of time at least as long as the allocation grant period.


It is not possible to store more data than the amount specified in the grant application.


The user can choose four different products from the UCloud compute service, each one partitioned in several machine types:

  • UCloud standard nodes: u1-standard

    A standard node consists of 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6130 CPU@2.10 GHz, 32 vCPUs, and 384 GB of memory.

  • UCloud fat nodes: u1-fat

    A fat node consists of 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6130 CPU@2.10 GHz, 32 vCPUs, and 768 GB of memory.

  • UCloud GPU nodes: u1-gpu

    A GPU node consists of 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6230 CPU@2.10GHz, 40 vCPUs, and 192 GB of memory; 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 Volta GPUs Accelerators 32GB (NVLink).

  • UCloud GPU nodes: u2-gpu

    A GPU node consists of 2x AMD EPYC 7F72 CPU@3.2GHz, 48 vCPUs, and 2048 GB of memory; 8x NVIDIA Tesla A100 PCIe GPUs Accelerators 40 GB.

  • AAU general nodes: uc-general

    Virtual machine deployed on the AAU OpenStack system.

  • AAU GPU nodes: uc-t4

    Virtual machine with NVIDIA T4 GPUs deployed on the AAU OpenStack system.

For each product the user must specify the total amount of credit (in DKK), as shown in the figure above. The latter is equivalent to a certain number of node-hours on the largest machine type.

Compute resources are used any time a job is submitted. The resource balance is updated while the job is running and after job completion.


The cost of a single job run will depend on the selected machine type, the number of node-hours used, and the overall runtime.

Public IPs

Some UCloud apps can be deployed with a static public IP address to enable access by external third-party applications. The cost is 1 DKK for public IP.


This feature is currently in beta and it is only available on a limited set of applications. We may also release any allocated IPs if they are not used for a sufficiently long period of time.


Depending on the user institution, it is also possible to apply for specific software licenses within a project. Software licenses are listed in the Resource Allocations panel of the project dashboard, similarly to the other products.


Access to the license server is controlled by the project admins, as described here.