Manage Projects

The project management page includes five information panels, similar to the ones showed below.

Only project admins have full access to all the panels.


From this panel it is possible to add new members and create groups. Multiple users can be included at the same time with a bulk invitation.

The PI and project administrators can change the role of the other members.

Resources and Usage

From this panel it is possible to get information on the resources usage and allocation. The same page can be accessed directly from the dashboard of the active project.

The resource allocations are divided in three categories, namely Storage, Compute and Ingress. Ingress encompasses Public Link, Public IP and Software License. The name of the product and the corresponding allocation code can be displayed by clicking on the resource category and selecting Advanced view. E.g. by clicking on Storage

On the right side of the product type it is possible to see the sub-allocation usage in percent.


From the Resources and Usage page admins can organize resources among subprojects. Once a subproject is created from the Subprojects panel, admins can start to redistribute resources by clicking on the button

For each new sub-allocation it is necessary to select a recipient between Project and User, and add the full project path or the user , respectively. Both strings can be copied from the bottom left side of the UCloud interface.


When User is selected, the resources will be available in the personal workspace, My Workspace, related to the user ID string.

Several new rows/products can be added. The menu on the left side of the product name allows to change product type, depending on the available resources in the parent project


while the menu at the right side allows to select the specific allocation


In the same row, by clicking on the date, the user can set the allocation period.


Once completed the necessary fields, resources are allocated by clicking on the button

The project PI will be prompted to a dialog box where a brief reason for the allocation should be given.

A new recipient can be removed before submission by clicking on the button

At the button of the page the existing sub-allocations are listed. Storage and compute resources are reported as (remaining) / (initial) balance. By clicking on the sub-allocation name it is possible to modify a product line or add a new line.



Resource overallocation is allowed in order to favor the efficient and complete use of the root project resources. PI should monitor that enough resources are available in the root project.

Grant Applications

It shows the status of grant applications related to the project. The same page can be reached from the central dashboard.


This panel allows to access the project metadata and manage the project workspace.


This panel is used to create new subprojects and/or list and activate existing subprojects.

Only project admins can create subprojects, by clicking on

at the top right of the page. Once subprojects are created, it is possible to redistribute the parent project resources as new isolated workspaces, from the Resources and Usage panel.

A subproject can be selected also from the workspace selector in the navigation bar. The name of the parent project is highlighted in the projects overview page.


Grant applications submitted within a subproject workspace can be approved only by an admin of the parent project, who will receive a notification soon after the submission.