Distributed Locks

service-lib supports distributed locks using Redis. They provide an interface and functionality similar to a Mutex but guarantees that only one instance in UCloud can hold the lock at the same time. This is useful in a production environment where multiple instance of every micro-service runs.

Example: Creating and using a distributed lock

val distributedLocks = DistributedLockBestEffortFactory(micro)
val lock = distributedLocks.create("metadata-recovery-lock", duration = 60_000)
while (true) {
    val didAcquire = lock.acquire()
    if (didAcquire) {
        processing@while (true) {
            // Do work here
            if (!lock.renew(60_000)) {
                log.info("We lost the lock!")
    // Introduce randomness to make it more likely that clients don't try simultaneously
    delay(15000 + Random.nextLong(5000))