Initialization: Conda Packages

For any app that implements the Conda package manager, a Conda environment file (*.yml/*.yaml) can be passed to Conda package manager during app initialization using the optional parameter Initialization.

When the application is initalized, Conda will create the environment as specified in the environment file.

This is the equivelant of running conda env create --file with the selected file as input.

Pip dependencies can be installed through the yaml file as well. See below for an example.

Example yaml file:

name: base
  - conda-forge
  - defaults
  - numba

  - conda-forge::keras=2.3.1
  - conda-forge::matplotlib=3.2.0
  - conda-forge::numpy=1.18.1
  - conda-forge::pandas=1.0.2
  - conda-forge::seaborn=0.10.0
  - numba::numba=0.48.0
  - pip:
    - plotly==4.5.4


Please note that for some apps, this option might be called Dependencies or Additional Dependencies.