Grant Application

The user should submit a grant application to demand for additional resources. This procedure can be initiated directly from the dashboard.

By selecting one of the routes below, the user can add more credit to the personal workspace, apply for a new project, or update the resources of the active project workspace.


Fill in and submit

Before submitting the request, it is necessary to select a membership organization. Afterwards, the user is redirected to the actual grant application form. At this point the user must specify the amount of resources to be allocated for each product, and write the purpose of the application in the related box, following the schema provided in the template.

Finally, the user should press the button

at the end of the page in order to send the request.


The grant application will be reviewed by an internal committee. Once the project is approved, a notification will be sent to the user.

Check the status

The user can check the application status directly from the grant application panel in the dashboard.

By clicking on the application name it is possible to recover the submitted form, from which the user might exchange messages with the administrator in charge of the review process.