Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar consists of several parts, which are summarized below.

Workspace selector

The name of the user active workspace is shown on the left side of the navigation bar. By default, this corresponds to the user personal workspace:

By clicking on the UCloud logo on the top-left corner, the user is always redirected to the dashboard of the active workspace.


On UCloud it is possible to create and join a special type of workspace, called project workspace, intended for collaborative research and development.

Settings and notifications

On the right side of the navigation bar the user finds four icons:

  • The refresh icon can be used to refresh the central dashboard.

  • The support-form icon chat allows users to send suggestions or report bugs.

  • Via the notification-service icon the user will be notified when another user has shared a file, about the status of an application grant, or if one of the submitted jobs finished and returned with results.

  • The user avatar icon permits to check the site status page, log out from the platform, and change the login settings, namely: updating the password and setting a two factor authentication method.

Finally, a temporary alert icon in the navigation bar will indicate upcoming downtime and scheduled maintenance.


A temporary progress indicator also appears in the top of the page while uploading, copying or removing a large number of files. By clicking on this icon, the user can monitor the status until the operation is completed.

Two factor authentication

It is possible to set up a two factor authentication by clicking on the avatar icon and selecting the settings option. Once pressed the button

the user is guided step-by-step through the activation process.