Central Dashboard

The central dashboard consists of seven panels, which provide a broad summary of the user's activities within the active workspace. Each panel shows the most recent updates. The full list is obtained by clicking on the panel title.

The function of each panel is explained below.


In News the user can find updates about UCloud maintenance and new features added.


In Favorites the user can easily search for files and folders tagged as favorites, which may be used several times for different purposes.

Recent Runs

In Recent Runs there are links to jobs recently executed. These can be marked as: success , failure , running , or expired . By clicking on the run name, the user can access the progress view of that specific job as well as the job results (see the section Submit a Job for details).

Recent Notifications

This panel reports the most recent notifications received by the user. Unread notifications are always highlighted. In case of notifications of data sharing, it is possible to access the shared file or folder by clicking on the listed item (see also the section Share Folders). By using the checkmark in the top-right corner, the user can mark all the notifications as read.

Resource Allocations

This panel shows a summary of the credit available for storage and compute resources in the active workspace, divided per UCloud product. A detailed view of product allocations and sub-allocations, including public IPs and licenses, is displayed by checking on the panel title.

From here the user can start a grant application using

This procedure allows to add more storage and compute node-hours to the active workspace or create a new project application (see the section Project Workspace for details).

Resource Usage

From this panel the user gets an overview of the total credit used for storage and compute resources in the last thirty days. By clicking on the panel title, a detailed view of the usage of each resource (compute, storage, public link, public IP and licenses) is displayed.

Grant Applications

In Grant Applications it is reported the status of the latest requests for additional resources, whether they are associated to the user personal workspace, or to a new/existing project. By clicking on the items in the list it is possible to recover the submitted grant application form. Each item is marked as: approved , rejected , or pending .