API: Stable

data class GrantApplication(
    val id: String,
    val createdBy: String,
    val createdAt: Long,
    val updatedAt: Long,
    val currentRevision: GrantApplication.Revision,
    val status: GrantApplication.Status,
id: String A unique identifier representing a GrantApplication

The ID is used for all requests which manipulate the application. The ID is issued by UCloud/Core when the initial revision is submitted. The ID is never re-used by the system, even if a previous version has been closed.

createdBy: String Username of the user who originially submitted the application
createdAt: Long Timestamp representing when the application was originially submitted
updatedAt: Long Timestamp representing when the application was last updated
currentRevision: GrantApplication.Revision Information about the current revision
status: GrantApplication.Status Status information about the application in its entirety