API: Internal/Beta

data class ChargeWalletRequestItem(
    val payer: WalletOwner,
    val units: Long,
    val periods: Long,
    val product: ProductReference,
    val performedBy: String,
    val description: String,
    val transactionId: String?,
payer: WalletOwner The payer of this charge
units: Long The number of units that this charge is about

The unit itself is defined by the product. The unit can, for example, describe that the ‘units’ describe the number of minutes/hours/days.

periods: Long The number of products involved in this charge, for example the number of nodes
product: ProductReference A reference to the product which the service is charging for
performedBy: String The username of the user who generated this request
description: String A description of the charge this is used purely for presentation purposes
transactionId: String? An traceable id for this specific transaction. Used to counter duplicate transactions and to trace cascading transactions