API: Internal/Beta

API to handle favorite status of a Project.


⚠️ WARNING: The API listed on this page will likely change to conform with our API conventions. Be careful when building integrations. The following changes are expected:

  • RPC names will change to conform with the conventions

  • RPC request and response types will change to conform with the conventions

  • RPCs which return a page will be collapsed into a single browse endpoint

  • Some property names will change to be consistent with Resources

Table of Contents

1. Remote Procedure Calls
Name Description
toggleFavorite No description
2. Data Models
Name Description
ToggleFavoriteRequest No description

Remote Procedure Calls


API: Internal/Beta Auth: Users

Request Response Error
ToggleFavoriteRequest Unit CommonErrorMessage

Data Models


API: Internal/Beta

data class ToggleFavoriteRequest(
    val projectId: String,
projectId: String