Project notifications

API: Stable

Project notifications are used by providers to synchronize UCloud’s state with the provider’s local state.


This feature is, for example, used to synchronize unix groups on a traditional HPC system with UCloud’s project structure. A provider will receive notifications for all relevant projects. A project is considered relevant if the project has been allocated some resource on the provider. Providers should be aware that they will receive notifications about users even if the users haven’t connected yet. This problem is typically handled by the integration module.

Table of Contents

1. Remote Procedure Calls
Name Description
retrieve Pulls the database for more `ProjectNotification`s
markAsRead Marks one or more `ProjectNotification` as read
2. Data Models
Name Description
ProjectNotification A notification which indicates that a Project has changed

Remote Procedure Calls


API: Stable Auth: Provider

Pulls the database for more ProjectNotifications

Request Response Error
Unit BulkResponse<ProjectNotification> CommonErrorMessage

This request fetches a new batch of ProjectNotifications. The provider should aim to handle all notifications as soon as possible. Once a notification has been handled, the provider should call ProjectNotifications.markAsRead with the appropriate ids. A robust provider implementation should be able to handle receiving the same notification twice.

It is recommended that a provider calls this endpoint immediately after starting.


API: Stable Auth: Provider

Marks one or more ProjectNotification as read

Request Response Error
BulkRequest<FindByStringId> Unit CommonErrorMessage

Data Models


API: Stable

A notification which indicates that a Project has changed

data class ProjectNotification(
    val id: String,
    val project: Project,

The notification contains the current state of the Project. The project may have changed since the notification was originally created. If multiple updates occur to a Project before a provider invokes markAsRead then only a single notification will be created by UCloud.

id: String An identifier which uniquely identifies this notifications

The identifier is never re-used for a new notifications.

project: Project The current state of the project which has been updated